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Authentic Leadership 2.0.

Recently I realized that a lot of people are embracing authenticity out of a need for simplicity or transparency.  Maybe this is a response to a (perceived) increased complexity. Maybe it is linked to the first level of adult development: … Continue reading

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In sameness we connect, in diversity we grow. (Virginia Satir)

Psychologists and sociologists agree: people connect through similarities and dislike differences. Organisations and teams always tend to become more homogeneous over time, because we just don’t like ‘other things’. They disturb us. “Management teams are clone machines”, concluded Vanwitteloostuijn his … Continue reading

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Leadership is a question of character

“Which leadership book or training can you recommend me?” These simple questions require very complex answers if you consider all dimensions of leadership. I combine abstraction and maturity levels for clarifying the field. Kegan and Lahey* define three levels of adult … Continue reading

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