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See you on the other site !

We started blogging three years ago, as a way of developing our voice and sharing our knowledge. It has been quite a journey and our impact has been increasing. We are grateful for this evolution and want to thank especially … Continue reading

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Leadership development of the future: stakeholders & aesthetic learning

Due to the increasing complex problems we are facing as individuals, organizations, institutions, society, the  ‘genius with a thousand helpers leadership model’ is more and more replaced by ‘shared leadership’. This has implications for leadership development.   Let me start … Continue reading

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Listening is not about understanding the other, but about making the other feel understood

Being silent has an impact for the good or for the worse. Dave Ulrich made clear in his HR masterclass in Brussels that the loudest feedback is silence. Saying nothing when you ought to speak is approving the other’s bad … Continue reading

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An anecdote about the cost of ending a conflict by using power.

It was an important moment in my career as corporate HR specialist in a large industrial organisation. I was leading a competency management project and got half an hour to present my results to the HR management team. The HR … Continue reading

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New Research: What Sets Effective Middle Managers Apart

Once more a study shows that middle managers who act as middle leaders are next to senior managers the most important determinants for innovation/change in organizations today.  Read this Harvard business review blog post on some great research:

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Leadership goes beyond formalities.

A few weeks ago, I was preparing a customer meeting with a colleague. The goal of the meeting was to present our leadership programs. I didn’t feel the need to prepare a lot. I like to go into meetings without presentations, … Continue reading

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Middle managers & leadership – part 4 – results of the Leadership for Middle Management program

As mentioned here and here, the role of the middle manager is transforming to the point that they may be the most important people in your company today (Mollick, 2011). There are a multitude of reasons for this, but just … Continue reading

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