What do you expect from your followers?

Newnormal leaders are at the same time very clear on a few expectations and open on all the rest. This combination of high expectations and a lot of freedom motivates and empowers people.

An example: Laurent Ledoux, a teacher at business schools, banker & amateur philosopher told me recently that he expects two things of his employees: “That they serve their customers well and that they develop themselves. For the rest they are ‘free’. No day-to-day following up. No complicated performance indicators. Result: my team is engaged and empowered.”

This is not ‘laissez-faire’ management. Conditions are a very clear focus and a high level of trust and commitment.

So: what do you expect from your followers?

Any comments?

More background information:
– Laurent Ledoux in Trends.be: “Le manager est-il un animal nuisable?” – http://bit.ly/eD2Zke
– Isaac Getz: “Liberating leadership” http://bit.ly/emnkgh


About Koen Marichal

Director Future Leadership Initiative at Antwerp Management School
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